Here we take a look at: why any good studio will have at least one dynamic mic; when you should use a … Room mics are great for giving a recording presence. The rough-and-ready qualities of dynamic mics make them the near-universal choice for live sound, but they have plenty of other uses for recording. You could place a handheld mic in a few sections and ask any members to use them if they want to share. Whether you’re recording a screen cast at a computer, live streaming a video presentation, or setting up a video training studio, knowing what gear you need for good audio can be confusing. Though I would use your ears. So a good … You will find a good assortment of dynamic microphones in any professional music studio or live music set-up. Especially if I know I’m going to be compressing or otherwise … Good luck! Remember that the best position for instruments in the room will depend a lot on how their sound carriers through the air. Weymic G109. But this may not always be the case. Anyone … Hello I'd like to get a few ideas and input on the way you choose and place room mics to get the audience in live shows recording. Rode NT4. I obviously get the constraints of a single mic, but given this, what is my best option here. It will be very loud, so need a mic that can handle large sound pressure. If I’m using a lot of bright, quick condenser microphones close up on a drum kit (say, AKG 414s as tom mics and Neumann KM184s as overheads), a big, fat ribbon mic like a Coles 4038 or AEA R84 (my personal favorite) makes a fantastic option in the room – the picture it takes of the composite kit is comparatively dark, silky, and smooth. I have the following mics at my disposal: Behringer EC8000 SM81 SM57 SM7 MXL990 LDC Audix i5 Audix D6 Unfortunately you won't be getting any solid audio from congregation members unless they're holding a mic. Chances are, you’ve already heard plenty about Rode’s reputation for making high-end … Like an unlimited budget, and an ideal recording room, and all the time in the world to record instruments individually and perfectly. Condenser mics do pick up more ambient and room sounds, but that’s the flip side to their higher detail and quality for voice. If you have a ‘difficult’ recording space, plagued with echoes etc, then you may end up having to spend a fortune on acoustic treatment to get a decent recording. November 13, 2020 . A Neumann U87 is generally going to be the best general microphone for recording in a room. I want to setup a single mic in a practice space to record a live rock band. As often as possible, I like to set up the session the night before. Weymic is a great example of why a gooseneck microphone is a must have. Do what sounds best. i've been using digital mixers for a little over a year now and have gotten into the habit of recording every live set i do. Looking for the best dynamic mics for home studio recording or live use? A live studio recording is generally a big job, with just one chance to get things right, so I want to be as dialed in as possible for the next day. Find out what's a dynamic microphone, when you need to use one, which mic is best. There are many, many situations where you might find yourself wondering how to record a live band using only two mics. But as we all know, real life is a lot messier than these theoretical situations. Is A Dynamic Microphone Good For Home Recording? The common view, when setting up a home recording studio, is that a large diaphragm studio condenser is the best microphone. You may find it out of your price range.