"I PREFER the sE V7 microphone vs. the industry benchmark dynamic vocal microphone." The Beta 58A is quieter than the SM58 due to its advanced pneumatic shock mount system. Summary. Il tuo microfono è all’altezza della tua vocalità? Lo Shure BETA® 58A è un microfono dinamico per voce con alto livello d’uscita e pattern polare supercardioide, progettato per il sound reinforcement professionale e la registrazione nei project-studio. Recommendations In Description 1,459 views. Da decenni, BETA® 58A supera dure prove e dà forza alla voce di tanti frontmen sui più grandi palchi del mondo. - Ken "Pooch" Van Druten, FOH Engineer (Linkin Park, Justin Bieber, Kid Rock) - sE Artist “It’s a breath of fresh air to have a mic that is not only a dynamic capsule with great rejection, but to also have a very smooth high mid response with a nice airy top end makes it a force to be reckoned with. My beloved friend OM2, used for over one hundred of live concerts, is dead and it's time to replace it with something new. sE Electronics V7 Destroys Shure Beta 58a - Duration: 4:10. Very natural in the house and monitors with great clarity. Un suono robusto. sE v7 vs Audix OM3 (vs Sm58) - Cheap dynamic for live vocals around 100 euro. È diventato una delle scelte principali tra i cantanti e i professionisti delle tournée di tutto il mondo. I really loved the way this mic performed and sounded. To summarize, the Beta58A is no doubt an upgrade for many applications, but in … Sofisticato. Hi everyone, long time lurker/reader here! Potente. Had great gain before feedback and good noise rejection on stage live. Grille: The Beta 58A has a hardened grille, which makes it more difficult to dent. Like the Beta 58 it does have quite a bit of proximity effect to it when getting very close to the windscreen, but to me the difference in this low-end boost is that it sounds like the V7 low end extends a bit higher, giving it a "rounder" sound. 4:10. Drummer singing on a Beta 56 kept asking me to pull back the the other background singer on the SE V7 in her drum wedge. It's not as "bright"-sounding as the Beta 58. Se vuoi un suono che si imponga all’attenzione del pubblico, questo è il tuo microfono. The sE V7 takes a bit more gain to match the Beta 58. The SE V7 cut through the mix very well. If you're a singer who performs anywhere outside the studio, a hand-held dynamic microphone is usually your best choice for rugged, reliable, consistent sound - and on drums, dynamics offer the powerful punch you need.