You must choose from the ones built into the tool: Microsoft regularly updates the web parts library and frequently adds new ones to the list (see the SharePoint roadmap for more information on upcoming releases). Learn more about page properties in this Microsoft documentation article. Are they perfect? Features:  Great design to showcase news with images and description. You create news pages on the go or receive notifications about new posts. SharePoint Online is part of Office 365 and maintained by Microsoft. We will help our clients to set it up on their tenant. Now it’s time to choose which page layout and web parts you need to build your news post. Once you’ve settled on a layout, it’s time to start adding web parts. Best practices, tips, and tricks for IT professionals managing SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 environments. It's a modern .NET app that uses CSOM and allows you to archive or export data from large lists without 5000 view limit. Not only is the interface far more intuitive and user-friendly, but Microsoft also has a lot of valuable training materials available, such as the following: I highly recommend making use of these materials, which are frequently updated with new content as it becomes available. clients in several sectors, including health, government, corporate and In the days of classic SharePoint, you pretty much had to hire a developer to create custom page layouts. You pay only the listed price without any hidden costs. see this documentation page for a more detailed comparison of classic and modern web parts, Learn all about the SharePoint framework here, Learn more about page approval and modern SharePoint news pages here, Create and use modern pages on a SharePoint site, We discussed the use of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management in a previous post, Getting started with Microsoft Teams: Tips and tricks from Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Teams best practices according to Microsoft MVPs: Why you should keep “self-service” enabled, Multiple layout options to suit your design needs, Ability to comment on, like, and save news posts for later, Integration with the SharePoint mobile app, The web (either directly from Bing’s search results or via a URL). Determining the right size for your banner image can be tricky. This gives you a bit of time to start testing and preparing your adoption materials. Migrate to SharePoint and Office 365, reorganize and restructure content, and monitor and secure your environment. Clicking the news link simply opens the article in a new tab. Learn more about page properties in this Microsoft documentation article. Only the 4 latest articles show up on the home page and then when you add the 5th article, SharePoint automatically creates what is effectively your News Archive. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option available to schedule news. Each month, I send a newsletter filled with exclusive ShareGate content. Set-SPOOrgNewsSite. Be warned: The link to the archive isn’t available when you decide to hide the title and New button of the news web part, or when you have fewer than five news items. Users work on active files in SharePoint Online’s collaborative environment, and HubStor serves to backup this content while … To create a news page, go to the action bar: As you can see, there are two news options to choose from: Start by giving your page a name, or topic header. Just click on Edit news link details: Assign a topic to your article via the Page details pane. The SharePoint mobile app lets you update your team on the go. Use the News link option to start creating your post: When you enter the article’s URL, SharePoint automatically retrieves an image, a title and a description, which you can modify right away. Are you using page properties? Modern SharePoint and document management. Microsoft should enable a preview to give you a better idea of how your image will look in either location. You can either use the out-of-the-box approval flow or create your own custom one. You can’t opt out: the updates and new features will be part of your tenant, like it or not. technology. But don’t despair: this feature was confirmed to be on the roadmap during Ignite 2018. This saves up valuable space, and you can already use the New button located in the Site action bar. News Displayed in the SharePoint Home. Individual news item shows the image, category, description and created information along with author. Learn more about page approval and modern SharePoint news pages here. Once you’ve published the news post, it’ll automatically be displayed on the home page of your SharePoint site, where your colleagues will be able to view it, leave a reply, like it, or save it for later. How to use the News post option to share news in SharePoint Online, How to share news in SharePoint using the News link option, Other noteworthy features of modern SharePoint news, Governing your modern SharePoint news pages. Shoaib is a SharePoint Consultant. Other posts by Jasper about the modern SharePoint experience: Planning on migrating to SharePoint? Delivered right to your inbox, every so often. Theme will match the color of your intranet. Be able to search not only in the title/description but in the html content of the pages. One column is labeled Promoted state. Definitely not! Microsoft SharePoint (Including M365) and has been able to add value to a wide variety of If you don't mind the articles visible in search, that would be the quickest and easiest way to … In SharePoint Online, you can set up a taxonomy via the managed metadata feature. The SharePoint modern experience is here to stay! The look and feel of this application is amazing as can be seen in the screenshots. This is definitely a lot easier than it was with classic SharePoint. Note: This solution is based on SharePoint Framework webpart and will be deployed on SharePoint App Catalog. SharePoint news are a great way to showcase latest news/events on the intranet but there's something lacking with out of the box news functionality which this solution solves.