This membership, in our area at least, has free delivery and $3 instant cash back on all same-day orders. I replied to the email and requested the refund I asked for when I reported the missing item. I especially appreciate your covering the fees and what happens if you receive a damaged item. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THROUGH INSTACART! Please search the help center for answers to general Aldi began in 1946 when Karl and Theo Albrecht took over their mother’s grocery store. You covered things I never thought of,too. Options were 1) nothing, 2) receive a credit, or 3) have someone contact us. Aldi Powered by Instacart. Sales tax. We noticed a difference between what we pay in-store for a product. Excellent review! By the way I never received a follow up as to what exactly happened to my order or who even received it. A couple minor glitches, corrected quickly. A delivery fee. Checked in on my emails and an email indicates my order was delivered at 5:46pm…like wait what!? Instacart integrated EBT payment for SNAP grocery purchase is slated to launch at more than 60 Aldi stores in Georgia in the coming weeks and then expand to more than 570 Aldi … To put the various fees in context, here is our total bill. That all said, if you do find yourself having to use Instacart, Aldi does have one useful quality: we found that, on balance, it had some of the cheapest product prices in our Instacart area, since other grocers have similar price markups and fees. There have been a few minor glitches along the way, but I put up with them since this is my best option for buying food. (More on this below.). Most experienced shoppers had to find new jobs so all that’s left are new people who won’t last more than a month and desperate people who have to have the flex hours. These days, it’s becoming more and more popular to have your groceries delivered to your doorstep rather than embarking on the grand quest that is traffic, crowded aisles, price shopping, checkout lines, and bag juggling. Older, people without help are being short changed because of these things. We figure Aldi shoppers are bound to wonder what it’s like to purchase Aldi products through Instacart, so we decided to put the partnership through the paces. The chain became more popular over the next 20 years until the business split into Aldi North and Aldi South. Check to make sure you didn’t authorize a contract to begin by using their service – it’s in the fine print and trying to get a refund when they auto bill you is horrible. It has been three wks and I’m still trying to get a credit. Thanks for listening. Here are the things I liked – and the one thing I disliked – about using Instacart at Aldi. The ice cream sandwiches we ordered were still suitably frozen (something we had wondered about). Every phone number there’s a recording. The overcharged and double billed me…twice. Ur forgetting the cost of operating your vehicle wherein you overall save a lot of money with instacart. Free Pickup on Orders $35+ for First Time Customers.*. For most people this is not a surprise, since it’s something you’d have in-store, too, but it’s still probably worth mentioning, especially since higher prices mean slightly higher sales tax. One time two stores had no bottled water! THEY SLOW WALKED resolution to my problem ON PURPOSE to hold MY MONEY HOSTAGE to make me buy again. Hopefully, this was just a glitch, and not a deliberate attempt to push/trick people into accepting credits instead of refunds. I will never go the Aldi Instacart way again mind you I am a weekly Aldi shopper so I already knew everything that I wanted. Some products are priced a little higher than we see in store, although not all. A “bag fee.” According to the website, “a bag fee may be added to your final total if required by law or the retailer. That’s not a big deal, but things get more extreme when we look at “the good stuff”. But then I received an email stating a credit was applied but they can “remove the credit and start the refund process [but it can] take 5-10 business days, depending on your bank.” That’s a bit annoying. The lack of being able to get a refund like you did for the Organic Cage Free brown eggs for a damaged item is a big minus for me. Enable high contrast. Also, Instacart will keep trying to get you to sign up for the Express membership, which can get annoying pretty quickly if you’re not interested. I hate sending a large order and then a necessary item not being included. Be aware that Instacart also imposes a separate fee for alcohol. Whether you save a lot of money depends on your car and the distance. According to the site, “100% of tips go to your delivery person, tips are always optional, and you can change your tip after your delivery.” The default tip is, like the delivery fee, 5% or a minimum of $2. Instacart Pricing. Called instacart explaining my anger over this delivery I did not get. It sounds too good to be true, right? Have a Some products are priced a little higher than we see in store, although not all. I’ve had great experiences! Visit or enter your ZIP code in the Instacart mobile app to place an order. They refused to even do the work of comparing the receipts…they told me I had to do that for them. Thankfully, we have a giant eagle to carry us home (or at least our groceries) in the form of Instacart. This was a flat fee on our bill. While Instacart has most of the Regular Buy offerings, we didn’t spot any ALDI Finds (Special Buys) or Seasonal Favorites. Because last month Instacart decided its shoppers were not important to the success of the company and started paying them less than minimum wage to shop for you. Please excuse the unusually long wait times as we experience very high chat and call volumes. Five, there is an “Express” Membership. Before, Aldi was only running a pilot program with Instacart — in Spending money at Aldi may be the best thing since sliced bread, but if you’re shopping for that sliced bread on Instacart, you might notice something funny. Boy was I wrong! They come back on the line saying sorry for the inconvenience but that they did not have an answer as to what really happened to my food delivery. After being put on hold they attempted to communicate with my ‘shopper/driver’ whom did not answer his phone. Instacart replied very quickly via email and confirmed that they replaced the credit with a refund for my missing item. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and in a pinch it could really be helpful for someone who needs some items but lacks the time or ability to go out and get them. I’ve always been honest with you when it I will NEVER USE INSTACART AGAIN! Enter zip code. Since then, it has gradually rolled out the program, finally landing in our Midwest neck of the woods just a few weeks ago. If you love Aldi products but hate putting on pants, do we have news for you: Aldi is about to start offering online delivery through Instacart across 35 states. Log in. Aldi North runs the store known as Trader Joe’s, and Aldi South runs the eponymous discount market with no shopping bags that we all know and love.