quarter mushrooms slice green onion, operate greens and white halve cherry tomatoes mince garlic . Saute onion, garlic, green pepper, mushrooms and parsley in butter until tender; blend in flour, and cook 1 minute. Add butter to pan. 2 cooking the pasta. Cook 3 minutes. 1 prep. Add the scallions, garlic and mushrooms. Gradually add bouillon; cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thickened. Garnish with minced parsley. bring 8 cups water to a boil with 2 t salt cook pasta for 10-12 minutes until al dente strain and reserve 1 C pasta water shrimp and scallops stroganoff About 45 minutes before serving: Shell and devein shrimp ; rinse under running cold ... mixture into serving bowl. Add the wine and cook until most is evaporated. With a slotted spoon remove the mushroom mixture to a separate plate and set aside. stir in salt, pepper, and hot sauce, mixing well.