What can be better than a perfect spongy, lemony yet sweet and refreshing lemon cake? That was so easy that we made an Orange Soda Cake with Orange Crush and cake mix — an orange creamsicle cake! To make this strawberry soda cake, just add the cake mix to a large mixing bowl. Soda cakes are incredibly light, fluffy and fun to make! Many egg-free cake recipes today borrow from this tradition, calling for 1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 1 tablespoon of vinegar for every 1 egg. I love this recipe and have experimented with different flavors of A summer party or a picnic is incomplete without some cake. ... all ingredients for the icing. Prepare as directed using a 2-layer-size dark chocolate or devil's food Then, pour the can of cream soda into the bowl. Agree? Whip until fluffy. How to Make a Cake with Cake Mix and Soda. Whip until fluffy. Put on cooled cake . This Lemon Cake without Leavening Agent, that is without any baking powder or baking soda, is very light and can be assembled within 15 minutes and is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Combine cake mix, eggs, oil, pudding, club soda, and pecans; mix well.