The Advantages of Retail Outlets. In a retail store, the meaning of merchandising is the varieties of products available in-store for selling purpose and their display that attracts the attention of customers and lure them into buying those products.. supermarket advantages and disadvantages. Such stores can be seen under proprietorship. Independent retailer: An independent retailer is one who owns and operates only one retail outlet. Heavy amount of capital is required to be invested in a Departmental Store. Advantages and disadvantages of traditional selling . Small scale traders usually sell goods at higher prices. Merchandising is any practice that helps a retailer to sell his merchandise to his customers. As the departmental stores are generally located in the central places, people living at a distance cannot take advantage of the departmental stores. On the basis of ownership: 1. Disadvantages of Departmental Stores. goods are usually sold at high prices; Slow in serving customers as they have to stand in queues; Goods sold may not be fresh; Choice of goods is limited; normally do not offer guarantees. ... Not all store and businesses have the exact item for the customer. In merchandising you either work for a store or you work for an independent distributor. Therefore, it cannot be started by a person of Limited financial resources. Size permits these organisations to employ experts for executive positions. Advantages of Large-Scale Retailing (1) Superior Management and Specialization: By superior managment most large retail organisations have been able to develop from small beginings. Retailers often find that the investment of time and dollars into a storefront comes back to them in their increased bottom line. (ii) High Cost of Operation: The cost of doing business is very high in case of departmental stores as they have to pay high rents, salaries to staff and spend much on various facilities provided to the customers. Online shopping gets a lot of hype, but there still are tangible benefits to having a brick-and-mortar location for your business. Advantages to Consumers. 2. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Retailing In Retail Business Management 1050 Words 5 Pages LIKHO XEGO 213036959 07/03/2016 B-Tech: Retail Business Management RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 4 Topic: RETAILING IN DISADVANTAGED COMMUNITIES: THE OUTSHOPPING PHENOMENON REVISITED Introduction The Supermarkets where you could purchase on credit forms part of the folktale of South African retailing. Store based retailer is again classified, I. Some of the Important disadvantages of departmental stores are as under: 1. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Store Based Retailer 1221 Words | 5 Pages. Need for Heavy Amount of Capital. Disadvantages to consumers. Traditional selling has been around from a long time and is still being used to buy products although there are advantages and disadvantages to it. They can be slow at serving customers.