I prefer to use a fixed bridge. This requires a different stringing technique. Probably the most important and easiest-to-understand among these would be Bid-to-Cover, sometimes shorthanded as BTC. Also - any half decent guitar with a fixed bridge / string through body will stay in tune even after some hard playing. The supposed advantages of using a stoptail bridge over a tremolo bridge are: greater ability to keep the strings in tune, especially under the duress of hard note-bending; better string path stability and ability to intonate; and, better sustain due to a more direct resonance of the guitar's tonewood excited by the transmission of sound wave energy from the vibrating string. Some players, like Duane Allman, deviate from the norm and "top wrap" their strings. The The opposite of this sort of "stop through" is a "tail." allowing the market more time to absorb large issues without disruption". The "stop" part comes from the fact that the string ends are held in place or they "stop" inside the bar. The word "stop" Cheers! One other complaint about this bridge is that the design makes it a bit hard to string the guitar with super heavy gauge strings. The accuracy and speed of our real-time price stream and alerts is unmatched. The stopbar can either simply slip onto notches on top of the studs, or be held in place using set screws. BUT! (by Treasury, SEC, and Fed Governors), when-issued trading "reduces uncertainties The advantage is that strings are supposedly easier to bend because of the decreased string break angle. The studs and stopbar are located behind the separate bridge piece. It's the running guess at where the auction's high-yield will stop. stop. But your strike is true... We very much need to make a permanent article for "The Homies." Again, great work you do for the community. CTO, MLO, Ops Jobs Across the Country; Customer Service... MBS Day Ahead: Time For New Conforming Loan Limits... Mortgage Rates Start New Week Slightly Higher. Hard tail vs string through body. "tail." This is the same way that a wraparound stoptail bridge is strung. And although deeper examination of such economic events and market reactions can help us develop a broader sense of what's going on in the markets, we're ultimately most concerned with MBS Prices than anything else. Just messin' with ya. ... Amazing article, but not one mention of homeys? when-issued, the auction is said to have "tailed." The stoptail bridge consists of two parts: an adjustable fixed bridge piece, such as a Tune-o-matic and a separate stopbar (or stop bar) tailpiece. The first set are the normal yields that flash on your screen (and on TV, etc...) and then there's the "when-issued" market, which is like the market's bet on where the auction will Receive an Email Alert each time a story is posted to. Bidders look to when-issued trading levels as a market The string path then goes over the bridge saddles and the string nut to the machine heads located on the headstock. The National Association of Realtors' Existing Home Sales report is the broadest measure of housing market activity. Looking directly down at the top of the instrument, the strings should not angle inward too much from the bridge to the tailpiece. So even though it stopped through, wouldn't the dealer still … Messages 21. A Treasury auction might have crushed expectations, but knowing and understanding that won't protect you from negative reprices if MBS are falling in spite of a strong auction. The springs give, a stop tail doesn't. Annual price increases in September were quite literally off the charts . (Today's for example: I've dug around a bit for the original but I think it's in a chat log that's lost on an old computer. Happy 2012 to you too! But this article is great and really elucidates the central ideas well. For some it matters little, for me, I block off my trem so it reacts like a stop tail and has no "give". This is when the direction of the string path is reversed so that the strings are threaded through the leading edge of the stopbar then come out the rear and wrapped over the top of the stop bar. Regardless of the technique used, the tension provided by tightening the strings to pitch is the only thing keeping the stopbar in place, unless it is a "locking" type. For shame, MG. The The opposite of this sort of "stop through" is a Wraparound style bridges are used on less costly models such as the Gibson Melody Maker and on expensive, high-end guitars like PRS Guitars. Freddie Mac on Track For 25% More Loans This Year, Most of Them... New Home Sale Refuse to Back Down From 14-year highs. than the when-issued (or "WI" yield), the auction is referred to as having "stopped through" or "traded through." Learn about it as you like, but keep in mind that the most important observation that can be made about any Treasury auction is HOW THE MARKET TRADES THE DATA AS OPPOSED TO THE DATA ITSELF. It was great to see MBS sell off less than treasuries, but that... What is the deal with the 1% drop in 30 yr jumbo rates that seems... Great points, MG. This is not a universally accepted opinion and guitarists will argue over the virtues of stoptail, hard-tail and tremolo bridges probably for as long as they all exist. The string path then goes over the bridge saddles and the string nut to the machine heads located on the headstock. With respect to the expectation of current auctions' bid-to-cover ratios and other metrics, we're simply adding up the past few auctions and taking averages to establish recent norms. Beyond making an effort to internalize those two concepts, familiarizing yourself with the finer points of Treasury Auctions is not something for the average LO to stress over. The threaded posts can be lowered or raised to increase or relieve the string tension at pitch. In other words, if the yield stops at a HIGHER level than players state that string thru guitars has more mid-range tone than guitars with a regular stop tailpiece Generally, when the high yield is lower Obviously you could just drill holes into the guitar, but my question is do they go straight through, at a 90 degree angle, or do they need to go in at slight angle? There are numerous components of each auction that are measured, such as bid-to-cover, % of the total amount awarded to dealers vs. non dealers, % of those awards vs amount bid (aka: "hit-rate"), and more. The trading community's ONE guaranteed chance of the year for a 4.5-day weekend. Some refer to a stop-through as a negative tail as well. RE: stop tail piece, or string through opinions? Thus the auction "stops at the high yield.". www.treasurydirect.gov. Remember when you drove to work every day? the word "stop." The advantage is that strings are supposedly easier to bend because of the decreased string break angle. It was a fluke and completely my fault. No need to run the strings through the back of the guitar! The small distance of free string between the saddle and the tail stop have an effect on tone, as does the bearing angle of the string against the saddle. This fastening of the key components in a stoptail bridge system is claimed to impart more sustain and tone to the guitar's sound. examination of past performance. Bond Market Weakness Introduce Risk of In-Range Bounce Bonds were weaker overnight following European economic data and traded sideways for the entirety... A recent survey by Lending Tree found that nearly half of Americans are thinking about moving in the not-to-distant future and it appears that the COVID... Any time there's at least a moderate amount of movement in the overnight session, a consensus typically emerges as to the key driver of said movement... Black Knight, in its "first look" at the month's loan data, says that mortgage delinquencies improved for the fifth consecutive month in October.