... Citrus × tangelo ‘Minneola’ Location of Origin: Minneola, Florida: USDA Zones: 8-11: Can be grown in containers? It’s one of the most common tangelo varieties. The fruit is prized for its extremely juicy flesh, slightly acidic to sweet and aromatic. Growing Citrus in Pots 1. Select a container with several drainage holesand enough room to allow the plant's root system to grow. 2. Remove it from the container and... 3. 2. How To Plant Tangelos 1. Yes: Fruit Characteristics. The Minneola Tangelo Tree. Select a planting area in a sunny location that has some shelter from potentially damaging, drying wind. Minneola tangelo is a hybrid of a duncan grapefruit and a mandarin. An evergreen with fragrant white flowers, the tangelo tree produces fruit looking much like an orange but with a bulbous stem end, smooth to slightly bumpy rind and an easily removable peel. Soak the roots in water overnight to rehydrate the plant before moving into a container. Don't make... 3. Tap the side of the pot in which you purchased the tangelo tree to loosen its roots. Repot your citrus tree about every 3 years.