Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published You just need to see the really cool stuff, the material they didn’t get to when you studied economics." Fun intro to some heavy duty concepts. So I. I enjoyed this book for much of its 211 pages but I faltered right at the end over two ideas. I used the books of this series to teach Economics 101 and it was very inspiring. it made economics more easy to understand. From the optimizing individual to game theory to price theory, The Cartoon Introduction to Economics is the most digestible, explicable, and humorous 200-page introduction to microeconomics you'll ever read. Highly recommend this one for newcomers to the discipline. I feel like I learnt a lot. It explores the … Seeing the picture of the supply and demand curve was a little traumatic, but I rallied. The Cartoon Introduction to Economics is all about integrating the really cool stuff into an overview of the entire discipline of microeconomics, from decision trees to game trees to taxes and thinking at the margin. Panel by panel, page by page, he puts comics into economics. I have just two problems: First: starting from you're introduced to supply & demand curves, it becomes somewhat boring so you just skip those parts. But I’m sad … A highly entertaining yet solid introduction to microeconomics. Etc. This book introduces such concepts as The Tragedy of the Commons, sunk costs, marginal analysis, risk tolerance, and several others. A nice book that should be in any Economics Learner's starter pack. I'll have to re-read this one a few times for these concepts to stick, but if you have even a small interest in microeconomics or want to remind yourself of the concepts you learned in college, read this book. It's sort of like those For Dummies books, but in comics form. This book was written in 2010, two years after the market crash caused by self-interested bankers and a chaotic war that was paid for by a credit card, the bill for which was immediately handed off to the populace. As an educator at both the university and high school levels, he has learned how to make economics relevant to today’s world and today’s students. I didn't even try webtoons or manga. What stuck out to me is how many exceptions there are - cases where everybody or somebody is worse off when everybody works in their own best interest. The award-winning illustrator Grady Klein has paired up with the world’s only stand-up economist, Yoram Bauman, PhD, to take the dismal out of the dismal science. We’d love your help. Be the first to ask a question about The Cartoon Introduction to Economics. I liked this book, despite having bad flashbacks to my sophomore year of college, when I swear I had the world's most boring economics professor. Although a bit more simplistic, it is a much more ideological neutral perspective than Sowell's work, which makes it seem that economists are a monolithic group of people, rather than a group with all sorts of differences. Today, I read this alongside Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics." I sure wish I had this book when I took economics in college! You know why? If you’re an econ geek with a sense of humor, you’ll definitely want to read The Cartoon Introduction to Economics. Blech.) It may takes up to 1-5 minutes before you received it. While most economics books that are supposed to be for "beginners" can be sometimes be off the point and boring not to mention that feeling when you feel dumb for not being able to understand such simple terms. The award-winning illustrator Grady Klein has paired up with the world's only stand-up economist, Yoram Bauman, PhD, to take the dismal out of the dismal science. It is always easier to get back to a book like this than a textbook when one has to deal with a subject like microeconomics.. Made the basics of economics accesible to everyone. Refresh and try again. So if the vertiginous economy or a dour professor’s 600-page econ textbook has you desperate for a fun, factual guide to economics, reach for The Cartoon Introduction to Economics and let the collaborative genius of the Klein-Bauman team walk you through an entire introductory microeconomics course. The explanations are clear and the drawings are pretty. Mostly clever and solidly done. Easy way to explain complex issues in a highly approachable and fun way. Made me think about how boring our econ teachers made it look in school, yet how much fun it can actually be.