Abernathy asked you to bring him a cache of anthrocillin hidden in the Emerald Vale Community Center. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. You can only track one quest at a time, so you want to ensure you’re chasing the correct markers. Be careful on your way, though, because some marauders can be found scavenging for loot along the road. Follow the quest marker and sneak into the back of the Emerald Vale Community Center — watch out for the yellow disks in the backyard because they’re mines. Once you obtain it you can give it to Esther or Martin. Esther Blaine is an actuary for Spacer's Choice, living in Edgewater. Follow the long path past these buildings until you run into even more. Keep in mind that if you missed talking to Esther before, she’s still there next to Abernathy’s house, and is more than happy to offer you payment. To first get the quest, you need to talk to Martin Abernathy in his home near the Saltuna Cannery. I was never approached by Esther. Speak with Martin Abernathy in Edgewater to receive this Quest. 1 Background 2 Player Interactions 3 Related quests 4 Notable Items As an actuary, Esther is responsible for keeping tabs on how much it costs to feed, clothe, shelter, bury and replace an average human worker. Buy it, equip it, and move in to the first hallway you passed. You have a decision to make, but you’ll need to actually get the medicine first. As far as we’ve been able to tell, there are no further implications to this choice. Make sure when you are attempting a specific quest, that it is selected in your journal. Inside, you can loop around and take the door just past the vending machines. The good news is we know what happens when you pick either of them. One of the side quests that you can complete during your stay at Edgewater is called The Long Tomorrow.It is connected with the search for an experimental drug. by Nicholas Barth. The Long Tomorrow is a side quest in the Outer Worlds. The Long Tomorrow is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Walk into the room, and look to your left to find a bag of medicine sitting on a cart. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. The majority of side quests in The Outer Worlds are simple. Here’s where to go and what to do to complete The Long Tomorrow in The Outer Worlds. This side quest has a choice at the end where you have to decide which character to hand over the medicine. You have two options here: Use resources to break it open with a traditional lock pick, or kill every marauder in the community center. The Outer Worlds Long Tomorrow mission. You can also turn the cache of medicine to Constable Reyes for exp, 500 bit cartridges, and reputation for The Board. Once you have the key, or you’re ready to pick the lock, return to the medical room door and open it. You’re now in the central hall of the community center, and the medical room is just to your right. If you give it to Esther, you will receive 7000XP, Spacer's Choice Reputation up, 700 Bit Cartridge. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.. Abernathy asked you to bring him a cache of anthrocillin hidden in the Emerald Vale Community Center. Our best advice for taking out the marauders is to make a pit stop at the vending machine you passed. The Long Tomorrow Quest Guide Give him the Anhtrocillin and you'll gain 3500 XP, Spacer's Choice Reputation and 500 Bit Cartridges. The Long Tomorrow The Outer Worlds. (You can give medicine to him and then pickpocket it back.). Speak with an NPC, follow the objectives, done. The Long Tomorrow is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. The Long Tomorrow … The title of this quest is a reference to the Twilight Zone episode "The Long Morrow" in which the main character was supposed to be in suspended animation for a 50 year space flight, but disconnects himself from the suspended animation system so that when he returns he will have aged the same as a woman he leaves behind on Earth. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions.. Rosemary Kwan in The Outer Worlds However, she will not distribute the medicine amongst Edgewater citizens for she will confiscate it and claim that it is illegal contraband. If you pass a persuade (10) check, Esther will say that she wants the medicine to treat the sick people in town, who cannot be treated due to lack of medicine and red tape. Just gave the medicine to Esther and she doesn't give out 7000xp, it's 1500+2000=3500xp, same as Abernathy. From Martin Abernathy’s front door, turn right and walk through the giant gate. If you give it to Martin you and pass a Medicine (5) check, he will tell you he doesn't know what a hypochondriac is. Abernathy asked you to bring him a cache of anthrocillin hidden in the Emerald Vale Community Center. The Outer Worlds – The Long Tomorrow Walkthrough. When you talk to Martin, he’ll tell you he’s dying of what he suspects to be the plague. The Long Tomorrow side quest is one of the first you can pick up in The Outer Worlds.In order to pick … Quest Information; Location: Terra 2 - Emerald Vale - Edgewater: How to Start: Talk to Martin Abernathy: To start this quest, find Martin Abernathy in his house west of the Cantina and talk to him. Side Quest The Long Tomorrow begins in Edgewater in Emerald Vale Region on Terra 2, Abernathy is quest giver. Esther will also tell you who she's giving the medicine to: Silas, Amelia Kim from the canteen, and "anybody in the Sickroom". Esther wants to give the medicine to the town. The outcomes of both choices will be detailed at the end of the guide. This page is part of IGN's The Outer Worlds wiki guide and details how to successfully complete The Long Tomorrow side quest. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation. Go with you gut, and move on to the next quest. The Outer Worlds Edgewater side quests: A Small Grave Matter, The Long Tomorrow, Die Robot By James Billcliffe, Thursday, 24 October 2019 13:41 GMT Share on: Facebook Twitter Reddit You can intimidate to get some more bits or charm to get another 300 Bit Cartridge. When you hit his porch, you’ll hear a woman telling you you’re making a mistake. Unsure how it will affect the outcome of the game later on, but if you have the Pickpocket ability from the Stealth skill, you can pickpocket the medicine back from whoever you give it to, and give it to the other two people who want it and claim each Bit reward. Published Oct. 28, 2019, 11:18 a.m. about The Outer Worlds. Turn left and you’ll find Esther looming nearby. exp rewards for all choices seem to be the same, I believe you get less XP higher level you are when you turn in the quest. You can however still get the extra 90xp for passing the medicine check on Abernathy beforehand. Here’s how you find the experimental anthrocillin, and what happens when you give it to Esther instead of Abernathy, or vice versa. Rosemary Kwan is an NPC in The Outer Worlds.NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player, but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game. You'll need the Medical Bay key to get in there, which can be found on one of the Marauders. You only get the XP reward and faction rep from the first person you hand it to, however. The Long Tomorrow … The Outer Worlds Maps & … The medicine is located in a community center that lies to the north of Edgewater proper. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 2.1 Resolutions 3 Quest Stages 4 Trivia Martin Abernathy asks the Stranger to bring him a cache of Experimental Anthrocillin hidden in the Emerald Vale Community Center. Or save Abernathy? The Long Tomorrow Side Quest in The Outer Worlds. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, You can pickpocket the medicine after turning it in, and go to the other people to get Bit Cartridge rewards (but no reputation or xp). We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Grab it and head back to town. But it’s locked. By Ryan Gilliam @RyGilliam Jun 4, 2020, 5:46pm EDT Share this story. On this page of our guide to The Outer Worlds you will find a detailed walkthrough which describes this quest.. Esther Blaine also wants to the medicine, claiming that Abernathy is a hypochondriac who does not need it.