Only 8 left in stock - order soon. 3 offers from $39.98. 3:44. 1 Complete list 1.1 Diamond City Radio tracks 1.1.1 Songs by Magnolia (also heard at The Third Rail) 1.2 Classical Radio tracks 1.3 Fallout 4 OST 1.4 Other music 1.4.1 Settlement recruitment beacon … 2. Fallout 4: Music from Far Harbor & Nuka World (Original Game Soundtrack) 1. Vinyl. This page lists information about the soundtrack of Fallout 4. 3.0 out of 5 stars 5. Clocking in at over 3.5 hours, The Fallout 4: Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack collects, for the first time ever, the full 65 track game score by renowned game composer Inon Zur (Fallout series, Dragon Age series, … Song for the Fog. They meld perfectly with Fallout 4's existing soundtrack to expand upon it. $160.20. 3. Fallout 4 was nominated by The Game Awards for Game of the Year 2015, while Inon Zur’s dramatic game score had simultaneously been nominated by The Game Awards for Best Score/Soundtrack. 50 Atom Cats Pippod Tracks features exactly 50 tunes from the classic era of radio pop music, including tracks from Joe Turner, Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, just to name a few. Welcome to Far Harbor. 1:05. Fallout 4 Special Edition Vinyl Soundtrack Bethesda. Lifting the Gloom. Fallout 4: Ultimate Soundtrack - Exclusive Limited Edition 6X LP Nuka Cola Quantum Blue Variant Box Set Inon Zur. Fallout 4: Music from Far Harbor & Nuka World (Original Game Soundtrack) by Various Artists on Apple Music.