Moreover, different levels of learning readiness-beginning, intermediate, and advanced-are included as important considerations in instructional design based on the instructional model. Madell critiques recent discussions of the self for focusing on features which are common to all selves, and which therefore fail to capture the uniqueness of each self. A range of products (including alcohol-based handrub and personal and respiratory protective equipment), procedures and strategies can improve compliance with hand hygiene in emergency medical services. All content in this area was uploaded by Mohammad Heidari on Sep 26, 2016, ... My main goal was therefore to investigate, from the perspectives of the different actors directly involvedstudents, Post-Basic Education teachers and higher education Language Centre teacherswhy the Omani Basic Education system, which aims to prepare students for lifelong studies in higher education and the job market (Ahmed &Vig, 2010), has not succeeded in enabling Omani Diploma holders to enter higher education institutions without failing the placement test (in the sense that they do not meet university or college requirements) (Al-Issa & Al-Bulushi, 2012;Al-Mamari, 2012;Sergon, 2011), thus having to complete the foundation programme in English that is aimed at preparing them to pursue studies at Higher education level. Policy reforms regarding bridging the pre-service preparation gap, staff development and motivation mechanisms and influence on admission into nursing schools were raised Design �S �uZ��Kӏמ--�b��(��0�#r�,3� X�e�fD�\XT���q�jg�TzTI�;�@����~�J�i���ovC���K��2H����y;`>u��|^����x*8��sm���f/. A randomized controlled trial. 2 Educational Learning Theories edited by Molly Y. Zhou Dalton State College David Brown Dalton State College December, 2017 This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-SA). 2012), and observational learning is one of the learning methods used to understand the roles of other professions, The Leavisite reading of Virginia Woolf as an effete snob who wrote politically irrelevant upper class novels of manners has altered radically in the last two decades. © 2010 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Reflective journaling is a strategy used often in clinical education to gain insight into students' clinical thinking; however, studies indicate that students may benefit from guided reflections. However, there is a paucity of empirical data on nurses and midwives’ participation in policy development in Ghana. Of particular interest for this research is to better understand the underlying conditions of the inadequate schooling, where English language is studied for 12 years, which are only remedied by completing the additional English foundation programme, to enable pursuit of studies at higher education level. Results: Various authors have acknowledged the need for alternative teaching and learning strategies that will enable medical students to retain vast amounts of information, integrate critical thinking skills and solve a range of complex clinical problems. Simulation-based mastery learning (SBML) of central venous catheter (CVC) insertion improves trainee skill and patient care. While this has undoubtedly enriched the research literature, for the educational practitioner, whose aim is to develop and deliver an IPE curriculum that has sound theoretical underpinnings, this plethora of theories has become a confusing, and un-navigable quagmire. Several researchers (Byrne & Flood, 2005; Hillman, 2005) have already investigated the different factors that can smooth or hinder progress in higher education. Highschool students had higher scores (p < 0.001), and girls had better overall performances than boys (p < 0.001). Among the applications of this approach is the influence on the learner's emotional reactions. Madell's view that the nature of the self is substantively different from that of objects in the world will generate significant discussion and debate among philosophers of mind. Purpose A significant difference was found between the knowledge pretest scores and posttest scores of the students in the constructive method group (Z =-4.84; p≤0.001). The results of the review are presented in narrative form supported by tables. Gagne’s ideas seem to combine behaviorism and cognitive theories. Results: Two main themes emerged from the data: participation in policy development and perspectives on policy reviews and reforms. Each class was considered a cluster (total: 90), being randomized 1:1 to receive one of the educational methods. The implications of the application of each of these theories to nursing education are discussed and the usefulness of each theory to nurse educators is reviewed. Learning theories are the main guide for educational systems planning in the classroom and clinical training included in nursing. The implications of the application of each of these theories to nursing education are discussed and the usefulness of each theory to nurse educators is reviewed. The search period was considered from 1990 to 2012. Even though nursing education has moved away from the concrete methods of learning and evalu- The use of innovative methods in the teaching and learning process of nursing practice and the active involvement of students in this process are very useful in terms of gaining different perspectives toward a subject. This article aims to provide a compass for those educational practitioners by presenting a framework that summarizes key learning theories used in IPE and the relationship between them. Finally, it could be concluded that the usage of any of these theoriesin its place would be desired and useful. All health professionals should contribute to improving infection prevention and control, including in the prehospital environment and during transfer between settings. Introduction: Different learning theories have been proposed, such as the meaningful approach, which emphasizes learning as an inductive process, starting from a primary understanding of general concepts, until the understanding of specific details. Conclusion: The authors concluded that nurses and midwives are crucial members of the healthcare systems and their inputs in policy development and reviews would improve health delivery in Ghana. Non-formal patient handover learning programs lacked reporting on the use of underpinning learning theory. Behaviorists believe that learning is a change in an observable behavior and it happens when the communication occurs between the two events, a stimulus and a response. Conclusion At total 1,301 students (52% female) completed the study, being 63% from high school. Abstract To cover the increasing need for professional knowledge, skills and competences in the care of older people, new learning techniques have been developed. The novel technology of tablet-based worked examples had similar results compared with expository classes for RHD education in schools. Evaluation methods varied from questionnaires and tests to observations and thematic analysis. Findings For most disciplines, this further study is at a postgraduate diplom… More studies are needed to determine if increased knowledge leads to behavioral changes that could reduce RHD burden. New developments in medical education include the use of serial concept maps, concept maps as a methodology to assist learners with lower cognitive competence, and the combination of group concept maps with structured feedback. This article proposes a Triarchal Instruction Model in which principles of behaviorism, cognitivism, and humanism are integrated and transformed via the components involved in instruction: objective, assessment, material, method, teacher, and student. It is argued that neither theory is entirely satisfactory for application to nursing education and it is concluded that a pragmatic eclecticism is desirable in the approach to moral education in nursing. The MOOCs represent a contemporary example of how modern technology is supporting a transition to modern training in geriatrics.