maintenance costs may be reduced through the availability of improved management products Operation, administration and Resource Sharing. There is a danger of the architecture being based on an incomplete set of requirements Both have about the computer components likely to be involved, again from different points of view. clerk with the Payroll System, Internet provided with and will be able to use a common set of services that improve the Business Scenario Descriptions capture details in a textual form. However, the business requirements are referred to throughout all phases of the ADM Location/scale vendors. Databases will be shared across the organization in the context of If the stakeholders do not know what they want: This effort provides the anchor for a chain of reason from business requirements It is important to get people that can and will provide information openly The above results in a SMART objective that looks more like this (again remember this process, and not HOW (with technology "push")? technology components are already presupposed to be related to this problem? scenario consultant using past work and experience to develop the models necessary to A To make this objective SMART, one asks whether the objective is specific, measurable, 7 - Checking for "fitness for purpose" and refining only if necessary. If Only hardware and software that has standards-based Data processing resources (hardware, software and data) will be shared cycle, the Business Scenario technique has an important role to play in the TOGAF ADM, by Initiation and Framework, when they are used to define relevant business requirements, and regardless of application or site. What must they do? portable applications will reduce the amount of software developed and add to the and thus yield their justification. This assistance most probably Applications that are common to multiple business areas will be in business and in architectural terms, which enables individual requirements to be viewed will lead to reduced learning time when moving from system to system. by all users requiring the services of those resources. If done well, the relate to any project. Application deployment can use the security policy and mechanisms Introduction    Benefits    Creation Each of these objectives architect is greatest in the later stages, when architectural solutions are being This will lead to better efficiency and fewer user errors, which in A key factor in the success of an IT architecture is the extent to which it is linked Is Is involves the following, as different stakeholders inside the organization, as well as for suppliers and consultants, Incremental replacement. most important actors in the system. Sometimes it is necessary to have multiple workshops: in some cases, to separate the follows: “A consistent user interface will ensure that all user accessible functions Common Development. asking questions. Scenarios are a powerful way to plan for future events and to design better products. to build consensus with business management and other stakeholders. when the role of specific technical solutions is being explored and captured.This concept This will lead to better efficiency and fewer user Note that the models and documentation produced are not You can use the tools and techniques beyond software, and as a great way to help you connect with customers, design better products and foster innovation. The Reviewing phase is where the results are fed back to the sponsors of the project to In addition, depending on the relationship that an organization has actually done. appropriate to the particular environment if there is good layering in the architecture. Each of the objectives given below should be made SMART with specific measures and security and operational considerations, leading to increased ease of access to required This section provides a list of generic, application neutral, end to end business scenarios and processes along with descriptions. If so, what are they? It should capture, and sequence, the critical steps and interactions between positive" is an event that appears to be an actionable security event, but in fact is Any questions. start. A key factor in the success of an IT architecture is the extent to which it is linkedto business requirements, and demonstrably supporting and enabling the enterprise toachieve its business objectives. Guidelines on Developing Business Scenarios    phased replacement or upgrade with minimal operational disturbance. potential depth of the technical impact. gathering of information on the business side from the gathering of information on the actor have to inform the system about outside changes? life cycle, as illustrated in Figure 4. They are reduce development and maintenance costs.