High security garage doors. We supply a wide range of high security garage doors from leading manufacturers. These provide a mix of physical and visual security for the up and over designed garage doors. The Bulldog garage door lock comes with a simple but highly effective design that is ideal for up and over doors. As most garages are visible from the street, this is an excellent way of deterring burglaries. Until I develop it I'll use the garage for storage, beer fridge, etc. Installing an up and over garage door defender as well will make your garage that much more secure. One of the most common ways of breaking into a garage is by damaging or even removing the lock completely. We regularly install roller doors in Essex. There is a wide variety of garage buildings, all with their slightly different security needs. Alternatively look out for roller shutter and up-and-over (See below) garage doors that have been certified to Warrington’s STS202 (BR1) - Requirements for burglary resistance of construction products and products tested by TUV UK Limited against their 'Break-in resistance guidelines for garage doors 11.2007’  (See the DIRECTORY). Each leaf should be fitted with a drop bolt to secure them open when driving in and out of the garage. Turning the handle releases the bolt and the door can be opened. white modern minimalist garage interior with up and over garage door. 2. Attached and integral garages with a pedestrian door leading into the dwelling have the added risk of forced entry into the house from the garage, so extra precautions may be necessary. (See Door security, Enhanced security doorsets). The risks of traditional up and over garage doors have prompted great innovation in order to equip up and over garage doors such as the Garador Guardian to combat forced entry. A standard up and over door can be ridiculously easy to break into. If the door runners are accessible it may be possible to drill a hole through one of them and insert a padlock (or rather its hasp) to jam the running wheel. If you think you need to improve the security of your existing automatic up-and-over garage door you should not attempt to do this yourself, but should instead consult the original manufacturer/supplier of the door. If you live in a modern house then it is almost certain that the interconnecting door between the garage and the dwelling will be fire resistant for at least ½ hour. Up-and-over doors. The bulky presence of the defender locks is an effective visual deterrent. This style of garage door is unfortunately susceptible to burglary unless they are fitted with a robust security lock system. A lot of these doors will be fire doors that have not been designed to be secure. Products that are certificated to this standard have undergone rigorous, independent testing by the LPCB and are subject to continuous ongoing assessment to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained. The frame itself is made from galvanised steel. Everyone has the right to feel safe and protected on their property. Access into the garage and then into the garden, followed by the house is a main security risk and the paragraphs below give you some ideas about what you can do. Press bolts can usually be fitted to the top frame to obstruct and prevent the door from opening or they can be fitted through the garage door with coach bolts (can’t be undone from outside) to bolt into the side frame. Most of these can be secured in a similar fashion as those above, but if you are in any doubt about how to add some security to your particular vehicle door you should consult the manufacturer/supplier in the first instance or a member of the Master Locksmiths Association. This is because the retro-fitting of additional locks may cause damage to the motor and safety systems and adversely affect any warranty on the product. They are also at higher risk of having their locks cut out or drilled. If your door isn’t fire resisting for ½ hour then, for your safety take some expert advice and think about changing the door. For this reason it is best to have a garage door with a lock that you can rely on. It is therefore essential, for the security of an up-and-over door lock, that the command for opening from the inside cannot easily reached from the outside with burglary tools. For garage doors please visit our DIRECTORY. The most secure are those that are overlooked by houses on the opposite side of the street and the most insecure are those that have no vehicle access door and believe me these are more common than you might think! The second opening leaf should have additional bolts at the top and bottom for extra security before applying the padlock. Securing your garage door can be done with different devices and approaches. Your alarm company will be able to help you with this. If it is convenient to enter and leave the garage via a separate pedestrian door then it is a good idea to secure the vehicle door from the inside. View and buy from the best selection of Up and Over Garage Doors available, at great prices, from Garage Doors Online, the UK's No.1 e-retailer of Garage Doors. The house alarm can also be extended to the garage, but you may need an additional entry/exit control panel to remove the possibility of false alarms. Up and over garage door security locks. By adding locks to the inside of the door, the thief standing on the outside won’t know where they are. Information for these garages can be found in Bicycles and vehicles, Motor vehicles. Cameras and floodlights are great deterrents, whereas additional locks and a better automatic opener/closer will actually buff up the door and make it harder to come inside. Commonly they are used to store garden and DIY tools, deep freezers, bicycles, ladders, camping equipment – you know who you are - and all of this adds up to a great deal of value. An estimated 25% of burglars snap or drill locks in order to gain entry – a method that requires no technical skill and yields results in under 10 seconds with an ordinary lock. The up and over garage door mechanism – which can be forced at the top unless properly reinforced – makes them more vulnerable to break-ins than a sectional or roller door system. The garage door defender is also highly visible, as it is situated in the front and centre of your garage, which can act as a powerful deterrent to opportunistic thieves. Get in touch to discover how our team of experts can help you improve your up and over garage door security to protect against burglary. If you are going to replace the door then I recommend you replace it with one that is certificated to at least level 1 of the following security standard: LPS 1175 Issue 5/6 Requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of intruder resistant building components, strongpoints, security enclosures and free-standing barriers  View this standard here. If you think you need to improve the security of your existing automatic roller shutter garage door you should not attempt to do this yourself, but should instead consult the original manufacturer/supplier of the door. (See Fire safety for attached and integral garages above and Door security, Fire doors in a domestic setting), If you have what my wife terms ‘nice windows’ in your garage (the sort of window you'd have in your house) then please go to Window security to find out the best way to secure them. The above security standard has been published by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), which is part of BRE Global. Add in the fact that many of us purposely or accidentally leave the door from the garage to the house unlocked, and it’s easy to see why securing your garage is one of the most important steps in securing your entire home. I'm moving next week to a house with (what remains of) a garage. Please note that although these rather heavy fire resistant doors will appear secure many of them are not designed as security doors. It is also better to have multiple locks and security systems on your garage door rather than one, increasing the amount of time a burglar will take to break in. The lock cylinder is normally of low quality and some of the older ones have the key number printed on the face of the cylinder. Contact us today on 01933 229135. Sold Secure Bronze approved equipment available with 5 minute attack resistance. There are many advantages to owning an up and over garage door. About garage door security. Garage door defenders. If you are going to replace the door then I recommend you replace it with an up-and-over door that is certificated to LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 or the alternative standards suggested at the end of the paragraphs for roller shutter doors above.