yes, absolutely! Great recipe, very easy to make, almost impossible to fail, the crust is nice and crispy and makes a perfect pizza base! Welcome to the thin crust club. Oil up a large bowl and place the ball of dough in. It's vegan, makes a thick and chewy crust with perfect edges and makes 2 pizza doughs. Tofu Scramble and Seitan Sausages (Breakfast Pizza), Pumpkin Sauce topped with zucchini and caramelized onions, flour (I use all-purpose flour but if you have 00-flour you can use that too! There are more store-bought vegan pizza options now than ever, but sometimes you just need a good homemade pizza in your life, ya know? Ideally, the water should ideally be 110°F (43°C) to warm the yeast and get … I LOVE me a slice of pizza and there are already all kinds of pizza recipes on the blog. Pizza lovers, this vegan no yeast pizza dough recipe is for you! There are a few pizza places near me that offer vegan cheese, but they use Daiya which just isn’t my preference. It's vegan, makes a thick and chewy crust with perfect edges and makes 2 pizza doughs. It’s pretty quick to make, but you will need to let it rise for an hour. Top the crust with any ingredients you like! No foam? I do this all the time. I just mix the dried yeast with the flour, etc., make the dough and let it rise. I used warm water just in case cold/hot would kill the yeast (might be unnecessary), but instant dry yeast doesn’t need to be activated. Because this is a basic vegan pizza dough recipe, you can add in your favorite seasonings to give it a little flavor, or just leave it as is. Pre-bake the pizza crust for about 5-7 minutes, or until the bottom is just barely starting to become golden brown. Brush the dough with 1-2 tbsp of olive oil (this helps the top of the dough stay moist and not overcook.). Now all you have left to do is For this easy dough, you'll only need 5 simple ingredients. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. How to make vegan pizza dough. It’s pretty quick to make, but you will need to let it rise for an hour. instant yeast is just processed finer, but it’s practically the same. It’s your choice! On my blog, you’ll find easy & delicious vegan recipes. They are chewy and hard to roll out. Sprinkle a bit of flour onto your pizza pan, then lay the dough on. Course: Pizza. I love homemade bread, pancakes, avocado, and anything in between! At this point, the pizza should be able to lift out of the pan with a spatula. Diabetic-friendly pizza dough: since it doesn’t use any high-GI ingredients. Since I don’t use grain flour, do you think almond or coconut flour would work well as a substitute? I’m Bianca. Tbsp instead of tsp, and 3 to 4 tsp all-spice or pizza seasoning gives it a certain kick. This post may contain affiliate links. Make a big batch of dough, put it in the fridge overnight, use it the next day (I leave it at room temperature for 1-2 hours before using if possible). I’ve tried all of those no-rise, 5-minute pizza dough … Thanks so much for a great yet simple recipe!! Thanks! Sprinkle some more flour onto the counter if necessary. Let it defrost in the fridge overnight so it will be thawed out for dinner the next day. Here are a few ideas: Basic Vegan Pizza Dough topped with tomato sauce, cashew mozzarella, and fresh basil. Yeast: I use active dry yeast that first needs to be dissolved in a small amount of warm water before it is added to the rest of the ingredients. It takes around 3-5 minutes depending on how strong your hands are. Great pizza, thank you :) It was my first!! Coat the ball of dough in a drizzle of olive oil. Total Time 40 mins. Vegan Pizza Topping Ideas. Transfer the crust on the parchment paper onto a baking tray. As for the toppings, I’ll let you have the final decision over that. You can wrap it in cellophane, place it in a large sealable bag, or place in an airtight container. Use a wooden spoon and stir … I let my dough rise in the oven with JUST the oven light on. This recipe looks awesome!!! I put the yeast in warm water/sugar beforehand (I don’t have instant, only active dry). Roll out the dough on a floured surface. After making the dough (follow all recipe steps until it’s time to roll it out), wrap it in parchment paper and then plastic wrap, or store in a container in the fridge up to 3 days. See my disclosure policy. Author: Vegan Richa. Remove the pizza brush the crust with some vegan butter. Absolutely delicious! If it is too sticky, add a little flour at a time until it’s easy to handle. Check out my first cookbook: The Veginner’s Cookbook! NOTE: cooking time will vary if you use anything other than a 12-inch pizza pan. If you amend your recipe it’ll be perfect! Add warm (not hot) water and mix into a dough. Making your own pizza can be budget-friendly and of course, you have full control over the ingredients you use. It makes it easier for the crust to rise without the weight of all those toppins’ AND it doesn’t cool down your vegan pizza dough. It will still be a little sticky but you should be able to pick it up as one piece. Just follow the recipe and you’re good to go! Top the pizza dough with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, and your favorite toppings! Cuisine: fusion. If you load your pie up with cold sauce, cold cheeze, and cold toppings- it won’t be warm, cozy, and ready to rise! Then let everyone in the house know not to turn the oven on . Remove from the oven, brush the crust with 1-2 tablespoons of melted vegan butter, and add your toppings. I’d be lying if I said my dough ever resembled a perfect circle, but do your best to make it even. Or, you can divide it in half for two 12-inch thin crust pizzas. If the yeast foams up after 5-10 minutes, it’s good to go! Top the crust with any ingredients you like! We’re glad you’re here. Now, we’re ready to roll it out! Calories: 350 kcal. Good pizza toppings are a must, but the dough is just as important! A 12-inch pizza cut into 8 slices will serve 2-4 people, depending on appetite! Cover the bowl with a towel and let the dough rise for an hour or until it has doubled in size. Bake for an additional 10-15 minutes or until the crust is golden brown and the toppings are cooked through. For flour, we are using all-purpose white flour. Add the olive oil and water. Home is where the pizza is, right? You know those big bubbles that sometimes form on a pizza? The 1-hour wait is worth it! Mix the flour, salt and yeast in a large mixing bowl then add the water. For this easy dough, you’ll only need 5 simple ingredients. It depends on the specific chain or manufacturer. After the dough has risen, sprinkle some flour onto your counter or workspace. Please mention how to activate the yeast. Add your sauce, cheese, veggies, etc – whatever toppings you love. Sprinkle the pizza pan with a pinch or two of flour and transfer the dough onto the pan. Do you place the spread pizza dough crusts AND the parchment paper onto a baking pan or FROM the parchment paper onto a baking pan? Pre-bake the dough for 5-7 minutes or until the bottom is just barely beginning to brown. I make 7 thin crust, 12 inch pizzas by doubling this recipe. Ingredients. Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough to fit the pizza pan you are using. Tips for Making Vegan Pizza Dough.