Is it worth the money to get an end grain board vs edge grain? If I get one with a gravy channel is that difficult to clean? It has a smooth texture but it’s very resistent and durable, so a good choice for almost any kitchen and one of the most popular types of wood. But the maples since the early 2000's that have the Tony Pass thinskirt rim have more depth and some can … However, take a walnut stick and a maple stick and flex them. Hickory 1820 Walnut, Caribbean 1400 Imbuia 950 Walnut, Mayan/Aztec 1400 Iroko/Kambala 1260 Maple, Hard North American 1450 Ironwood, Green 3680 Mahogany, African, Sapele 1500 Jarrah, Australian 1915 Maple, Ivory 1500 Kenpass 1854 Afromosia 1560 Lacewood 840 Timborana 1570 Lapacho 3670 Zebrawood 1575 Mahogany, African, Khaya 845 Gingerwood 1600 If you can afford and get a good piece of English walnut that is close grained and dense it works well. Bear with me. Well, this is a very interesting subject! Is walnut a good choice as far as material? Maple Butcher Block Countertop Wood. Hard Maple floors are about a 1450 Janka hardness, they dont stain very well and have very little grain showing. Just posted a couple of walnut clips and a maple clip on OP's previous Stelling thread. Maple is a traditional choice of hardwood for butcher blocks, with fine grain and generally light colours. As you know, many great recording artist from the past choose Big Bodied Maple Gibson SJ200 and now with Taylors new torrified 618 guitars. The maple will bend and pop back to shape. Walnut is easier to cut, shape and sand than maple and it's not up to the fingernail test like maple is. The grain pattern makes this the perfect choice for a room where the furniture can take the center stage. I would certainly go with the Black Walnut. Hi, I'm in the process of making a new office desk using the classic butcher block alex combo, and I was wondering what type of wood would be better, I'd be happier with the look of walnut, as I prefer darker woods. The maple Stellings with earlier rims were by some experienced to be on the shrill/strident end. Is it too hard/soft? ... Walnut The rich golden to grey tones of Walnut is perfect for a modern and contemporary look. I feel that maple is the superior material for the thin fore ends of muzzle loaders. It looks too nice , will it get ruined? Black Walnut rates a 1010 on Janka hardness, it stains very well and is also world renowned for its grain patterns (think burled walnut etc). A Hard Maple dining set would compliment a modern dining room and is the perfect backdrop for cocktail parties and formal dining. Black walnut vs maple General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. They say they use mineral oil and beeswax on them, is that normal? The dust does bother me a bit, too. Maple vs Walnut Butcher Block. Walnut is lighter than maple, not as hard but is stiffer than maple. That seems like a contradiction but it isn't.