How it's using AI: Google uses AI in a number of areas, but the technology's specific application in Google Maps makes our commutes a little easier. She assists us to find information, get directions, send messages, make voice calls, open applications and add events to the calendar. Using a combination of linguistic search and natural language processing, the program can analyze key data points across 35,000 financial institutions. AI-driven algorithms personalize the user experience, increase sales and build loyal and lasting relationships. Not only smartphones but automobiles are also shifting towards Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, many businesses including…. Facial Recognition. Inspired by the computers on Star Trek, Alexa ushered in a wave of powerful, conversation-driven virtual assistants. Companies use artificial intelligence to deploy chatbots, predict purchases and gather data to create a more customer-centric e-commerce experience. Top artificial intelligence examples are changing their way of living. How it's using AI: Betterment is an automated financial investing platform and a pioneer of robo-advisor technology that uses AI to learn about an investor and build a personalized profile based on his or her financial plans. How it's using AI: Numerai is an AI-powered hedge fund using crowdsourced machine learning from thousands of data scientists around the world. With breakthroughs in image recognition and a doubling-down on AI research, Facebook is counting on artificial intelligence to help it police the world's largest media platform. Betterment has $10 billion worth of assets under management and as of last year was serving 250,000 customers. In addition to "Highlights," Slack's search uses artificial intelligence to help users pinpoint knowledge experts and the channels where they can be reached based on an analysis of who is talking about what and where. Marketers can then use the company's software and machine learning capabilities to run thousands of experiments at scale. The following statistics will give you an idea of growth! Industry: Hedge Fund, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain. The sensors and cameras are able to notice the position of the drones in the room by attaching them to the ceiling. Artificial Intelligence … How it's using AI: Atomwise is using AI and deep learning to facilitate drug discovery. Adobe Stock. Twitter’s AI was recently put to work identifying hate speech and terroristic language in tweets. In his free time, he loves to read books, watch movies, and play table tennis. Using a Wi-Fi system, we can control the drones and use them for specific purposes – product delivery, video-making, or news reporting. AI-enabled virtual assistants are reducing unnecessary hospital visits and giving nurses 20% of their time back in the process; workflow assistants are helping doctors free up 17% of their schedules; pharmaceutical companies are researching lifesaving medicines in a fraction of the time and cost it traditionally takes; and AI is even being used to help bring healthcare to underdeveloped nations. – In 2014, more than $300 million was invested in AI startups, showing an increase of 300%, compared to the previous year (Bloomberg), – By 2018, 6 billion connected devices will proactively ask for support. Six examples of artificial intelligence technology. Sentient machines with general artificial intelligence don't yet exist, and they likely won't exist anytime soon, so we're safe... for now. (Narrative Science). See for yourself. Industry impact The company is top secret about the makeup of the fund, its clients and performance, but has more than 35,000 data scientists contributing to its platform and has paid out some $15 million worth of its cryptocurrency. The system's ability to scan millions of data points and generate actionable reports based on pertinent financial data saves analysts countless hours of work. While examples of artificial intelligence are numerous across business, AI is still often perceived to be a nascent, still emerging force.. How it's using AI: Amplero builds AI-powered marketing tools for a wide array of consumer-facing industries, including finance, retail telecommunications and gaming. From making travel arrangements to suggesting the most efficient route home after work, AI is making it easier to get around. The most accurate predictions make it to the top of the leaderboard and are awarded more tokens. In addition to making healthcare recommendations, this concierge-like service helps patients schedule appointments and make payments. That's not to make light of AI's potential impact on our future. Travelers can also copy "Hello Hipmunk" on an email discussing potential travel plans and the bot will offer travel suggestions. Here are a few examples of how artificial intelligence is changing the financial industry. How it's using AI: AlphaSense created an AI-powered financial search engine to help investment firms gain an informational edge. The company is a synthesis of machine learning and behavioral science to enhance customer collaboration for phone professionals. Artificial intelligence is giving the maligned industry a much-needed makeover. Artificial intelligence is proving to be a game-changer in healthcare, improving virtually every aspect of the industry from robot-assisted surgeries to safeguarding private records against cyber criminals. Travel companies are especially capitalizing on ubiquitous smartphone usage. How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Business? The company's real breakthrough is in how it synthesizes all of the varying approaches into a "Meta Model.". (Gartner), – By the end of 2018, “customer digital assistants” will recognize customers by face and voice across channels and partners (Gartner), –  Artificial intelligence will replace 16% of American jobs by the end of the decade (Forrester), – 15% of Apple phone owners’ users use Siri’s voice recognition capabilities. It is also called the DNA of music. Industry: Search Engine, Artificial Intelligence, IT, Video Streaming. Just think about your camera, Rolodex or alarm clock…. Here are six examples of AI that are … Additionally, Twitter uses artificial intelligence to monitor and categorize video feeds based on subject matter. How it's using AI: Twiggle, an advanced search engine for e-commerce sites, uses natural language processing to boost search relevance and product awareness for businesses. The technology is particularly good at automating traditionally time-consuming marketing tasks.