Mechanical engineering, the branch of engineering concerned with the design, manufacture, installation, and operation of engines and machines and with manufacturing processes. Aspiring mechanical engineers … Mechanical engineering is the art of using problem-solving techniques and applying them to the design and manufacturing of an object. Professional opportunities for mechanical engineering graduates are too numerous to list. A mechanical engineering degree is an excellent foundation for success in the engineering profession and also for further training and subsequent achievement in other disciplines including business, law, and the sciences. Mechanical engineering technology deals with combining software with engineering principles to improve the manufacturing process and come up with better designs for mechanical systems. The main work of an MET technician is to create 3D models, which represent parts and assemblies to be reproduced in the real world. It is particularly concerned with forces and motion. Mechanical engineering is an exciting professional field, thanks to innovations like 3D printing and the development of new engineering materials like carbon fiber composites. The invention of the steam engine in the latter part of the 18th Essentially, a mechanical engineer uses creative design and analytical knowledge to turn a concept into something real. Mechanical engineers utilize scientific and mathematic principles to devise technical solutions for problems in construction, engine design, and manufacturing.