Hype House, a content creator collective, has 19 members, many of whom are pictured here. Residents also must be able to film. The competition among young influencers in Los Angeles is fierce. During the quick tour video, Alex Warren named the members who have rooms at the new place. Hype House members prefer to hang out on the stone porches overlooking it. “The internet can be a little harsh,” she said. From left, Chase Hudson, Alex Warren, Thomas Petrou, Kouvr Annon and Daisy Keech. "Considering the fact that there simply is no 'caretaker' for the house, or anyone beyond the current Hype House residents (who weren't home at the time), that has the authority to breach security, open the security gate, and 'invite' strangers into our home, we have turned the full investigation over to law enforcement and will follow their lead regarding next steps and holding the appropriate individuals accountable for their actions," the statement read (via Insider). Every influencer brings friends and “the group just gets bigger and bigger,” he said. TikTok’s primary United States office — the company is based in China — is in Los Angeles. Charli is polite, thoughtful and soft-spoken in person. A mother-daughter duo and some friends decided to break into the old Hype House and film themselves going through the articles of clothing and such that were left there, documenting their "trip" to the California home on social media. LOS ANGELES — Hype House, the physical location of a new content creator collective, is a Spanish-style mansion perched at the top of a hill on a gated street in Los Angeles. The Hype House team now resides at the old Clout House, which is located in the Hollywood Hills. Its many porches provide stages for TikTok videos. It has a palatial backyard, a pool and enormous kitchen, dining and living quarters. This content is imported from Instagram. A commission structure should be negotiated from the start, he said, and thought should be given to incorporation and insurance and everything else that comes along with running a business. Many YouTubers who have felt secure in their status as internet elites are now being threatened by the new wave of talent from TikTok that is flooding the city. Daisy Keech and her dog, Harley, the unofficial Hype House mascot. The Vlog Squad shacked up in Studio City, while Team 10, Jake Paul’s infamous YouTuber collective, rented a giant house in West Hollywood before eventually decamping to a mansion in Calabasas. “If someone slips up constantly, they’ll not be a part of this team anymore,” Thomas said. Collab houses are beneficial to influencers in lots of ways. “Everyone here is ready to bring positivity and kindness.” Charli also credits the group for expanding her creativity and helping her branch into new content formats like vlogging. Originally, Chase hoped to name the group House of Olympus. Unlike Team 10 and other groups, Hype House doesn’t take a cut of anyone’s revenue. “I think it’s a dream for a lot of people to be able to move in with friends and be able to work on whatever you want to work on,” he said. “The energy is very different. “There’s probably 100 TikToks made here per day. “As I’ve told many of these creator houses,” Mr. Gruen said, “before you dig deep into raising the value of the I.P., make sure that you have the splits organized so it doesn’t come into play and ruin friendships.”. Thomas Petrou. Charli has amassed more than 15 million followers since joining the app this summer, and her fan base continues to grow at a wild rate. MaiLinh Nguyen, a former videographer for Jake Paul, said money can play a huge role in trouble. The city is home to a land rush of “collab houses,” where the content creators are getting younger and younger.