Give us a call today to see how we can save you money on Karndean Korlok Select LVP floors with our wholesale low pricing and top-notch customer service. Save Big Today! Making life much easier in a lively home where spills and accidents are always occurring. Find retailer contact information here. $("#pcontainer").slideToggle(); Karndean Vinyl. #btn2 { Offered in 12 authentic wood visuals inspired by European woods and featuring a superior 5G vertical locking mechanism and pre-attached acoustic foam backing, Karndean Korlok is ideal for any room of your home. Aside from its click locking feature, this vinyl floor has an extremely durable quality to any amount of traffic flow that enters onto it, leaving it to be a perfect choice for big household family’s. No Tax. The collection consists of colors ranging from beiges and browns, to light and dark grays, providing you with a wide selection of striking styles and designs. Learn "How To" install Korlok vinyl. From Texas ash and butternut sourced from the eastern US coast to the cross cut grays of Reclaimed French Oak, Karndean Korlok is a collection of beautifully designed woods with exceptional performance. The brown collection contains: American Black Walnut, Antique French Oak, Baltic Washed Oak, Canadian Urban Oak, and Smoked Butternut. The acclaimed Korlok Select range includes a wide variety of wood visuals sourced from across North America and Europe. Note that you can order free Korlok samples direct from the Karndean website, and there is a useful online tool there to help you find your nearest retailer. $("#pcontainer").toggle(); Karndean Korlok Select: Texas White Ash Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8105, Karndean Korlok Select: Antique French Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8110, Karndean Korlok Select: Washed Grey Ash Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8104, Karndean Korlok Select: Warm Ash Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8103, Karndean Korlok Select: Reclaimed French Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8109, Karndean Korlok Select: Canadian Urban Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8116, Karndean Korlok Select: Baltic Limed Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8111, Karndean Korlok Select: Washed Butternut Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8108, Karndean Korlok Select: Salvaged Barnwood Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8209, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Natural Oiled Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6536, Karndean Korlok Select: Natural Koa Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8122, Karndean Korlok Select: Kilauea Koa Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8124, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Weathered Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6532, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Vintage Oregon Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6531, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Charred Weathered Pine Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6539, Karndean Korlok Select: Washed Velvet Ash Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8102, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Limed Coastal Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6534, Karndean Korlok Select: Cathedral Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8114, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Grey Oiled Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6541, Karndean Korlok Reserve: North American Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6533, Karndean Korlok Select: Ivory Brushed Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8217, Karndean Korlok Select: Character Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8115, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Texan Whiskey Walnut Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6542, Karndean Korlok Select: Oyster Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8202, Karndean Korlok Select: Warm Brushed Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8215, Karndean Korlok Select: Baltic Washed Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8101, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Aged Spanish Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6535, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Limed Charcoal Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6538, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Tavern Oiled Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6537, Karndean Korlok Select: Weathered Barnwood Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8211, Karndean Korlok Select: Silver Barnwood Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8208, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Provincial Oiled Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6540, Karndean Korlok Select: Barley Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8206, Karndean Korlok Select: Smoked Butternut Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8107, Karndean Korlok Select: Smoked Koa Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8126, Karndean Korlok Select Herringbone: Silver Barnwood Luxury Vinyl Plank SM-RKP8208.