All hail the magnificent Sea Beet! Sea spinach (or sea beet) can be found online from specialist retailers, but if you live near the coast it can be found in abundance in the grassy areas next to beaches. 1 … Posts about Sea Spinach written by J P Waldron. Sea Spinach soup is a simple, delicious soup which celebrates this wonderful wild green. Here’s a simple greens recipe to get you going: Garlicky-Sesame Greens. Salted Wild … Generously brush the softened butter over an 8-inch square in the center of each foil sheet. Use it in recipes such as: Saag Aloo, wilted sea beet, sea beet quiches, sea beet salad, coastal chowder. Related products. Add 1 sprig of fresh thyme to the saute pan and sear the sea bass skin side down for 3/4 of the cooking time about 7 minutes. Preheat the oven to 425°. Creamy, filling and even dairy-free, perfect for a fresh, early spring al fresco lunch, or an autumnal or winter trip out … Here, Mark uses sea spinach which has … Sea Spinach, also commonly known as Sea Beet is a fresh coastal ingredient that tastes like slightly salty spinach or chard. Tear off four 18-inch lengths of foil. One overflowing colander full of wild spinach, washed, big stems removed (or any other greens) 1-4 cloves garlic, minced or chopped. This will give the fish a beautiful crisp skin and golden color. So green, so succulent, so big and bright in the bareness and bleakness of winter!