Design IdeasWith its handsome, deep-green foliage and shrubby form, this Citrus is a good choice for containers. The trees are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 9 through 11. Jackie Carroll has been a freelance writer since 1995. Great long range focal point or position to screen off undesirable land uses. Here's how to take care of tangelo tree: Water young tangelo trees weekly during the hot dry summers, when the soil is dry, to a depth of 3 to 4 inches. You should also remove twigs and stems that cross and rub against each other. Wait until spring to prune frost damage because the stems and branches may recover. Remove sections of small branches farther out from the main branch just above a bud, and make the cut at a 45-degree angle. An evergreen with fragrant white flowers, the tangelo tree produces fruit looking much like an orange but with a bulbous stem end, smooth to slightly bumpy rind and an easily removable peel. How to Prune Apple Trees That Were Neglected for 20 Years, How to Repair a Split Limb on a Dwarf Japanese Maple, University of California Cooperative Extension: Citrus for the Home Garden in Contra Costa County, University of California Cooperative Extension: Questions and Answers to Citrus Management, University of Hawaii Manoa Cooperative Extension Service: Citrus for Hawai‘i’s Yards and Gardens, Learn2Grow: Citrus x tangelo 'Minneola' ('Honeybell'), How to Reduce the Size of a Weeping Cherry Tree. In some parts of the country, topping a tree is illegal and punishable by a fine. Here at Moon Valley Nurseries we pride ourselves on only growing the absolute best varieties of citrus trees that grow in our climate zone. The constant rubbing causes a wound that serves as a potential entry point for insects and diseases. They do not need a lot of pruning. Customer Reviews . Apply approximately 1 inch of water each time you irrigate; forgo the weekly watering if your tangelo tree has received a comparable amount of rain. You're reviewing: Tangelo … © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. The best varieties of tangelo for the Southwest are: Varieties: Minneola and Orlando. The cut should only go a third to a half of the way through the branch. Their fibrous root system adapts well to a lifetime in a pot and their evergreen foliage and colorful fruits are the perfect accent to a patio or atrium setting. Water young tangelo trees weekly during the hot dry summers, when the soil is dry, to a depth of 3 to 4 inches. Dead trees in the landscape are a hazard. Write Your Own Review. Her home-and-garden and nature articles have appeared in "Birds & Blooms" and "Alamance Today." Holding the pruners upside down results in a larger stub. In fact, most tangelos can live 15 to 20 years with only light pruning to remove dead and damaged wood. Don’t use pruning paints and sealants. Make the first cut several inches out from the collar on the underside of the branch. Pull weeds under the tangelo tree by hand. Answer. Light pruning includes the removal of suckers that arise from the lower trunk or the roots, and cutting back damaged or stunted twigs and stems. Tangelos rarely need heavy pruning. If you plan to remove a large branch that will open up the canopy to more sun, do so in winter to avoid sunscald on parts of the tangelo tree that are not accustomed to bright light. If you make a single cut through the branch to remove the limb, the weight of the branch may cause it to break away, stripping bark and wood down the trunk of the tree. Topping, or removing more than 25 percent of the tree at one time, often leads to the death of a tangelo tree. When cutting small stems and branches close to a main branch or the trunk of the tangelo tree, hold the pruners so that the cutting blade is closest to the tree. Every few years you should trim the outside of the root-ball about 1-2 inches, add fresh potting soil, and reset in your container. Spread a 3-inch layer of mulch over the soil, pulling it 6 inches away from the tree's trunk. Makesa fine small scale shade tree or an accent with high degree of fragrance and fruit color.